Testimonials and Endorsements


I proudly endorse Anette Groves bid to run for Ward 5 Regional Councilor Bolton. I have known Annette now for close to 2 years. In all the time I have known her, I can certainly say that she is very dedicated to the town of Bolton. In fact, one of the reasons I am working as a doctor here in Bolton was because of the need for more doctors for the community. Annette saw this need and made it possible for me to come into Ontario, expediting all the paper work I needed to relocate.

Furthermore, since moving to Ontario I have taken up the care of more than seven hundred patients and continue to care for many more who have either just relocated to the Bolton Area or those whose doctors have retired. Annette continues to keep in touch with me to make sure that I am well settled even after many months of being here. She understands that my happiness and comfort also translate to good health care for my patients. I have no doubt that she extends the same care to other doctors and business owners here in Bolton
The position and responsibility for the Ward 5 Regional Councilor requires full time commitment and devotion to the residents of Bolton. It takes strong leadership, experience and belief to always act in the interest of the people you serve. I believe that Annette Groves has shown this dedication and diligence in her current office and have no doubt she will continue to do so.

In view of the above, I sincerely recommend Annette Groves for the Ward 5 Regional Councilor for Bolton.

Dr Sophia Ngozi Egbuniwe

I have had the distinct pleasure and honor of knowing Annette Groves for the past 5 years.
As business owners in the Bolton community for the past 20 years, we reached out for support for our special needs music program.

Annete Groves was eager to assist and support, and was very hands on and active in helping raise awareness. The Meaghan Zaremba Music Room is now a registered charity with a very impressive Board of Directors.
It is an absolute certainty that without the involvement of Ms. Groves, there would be no Meaghan Zaremba Music Room today. She was relentless in her pursuit to successfully raise money and insure the success and continuence of this program.

However it should be noted that this is only one example of the many community projects that Ms. Groves tirelessly supports. She has been front and centre in supporting Che’s Place Youth Centre, Caledon Meals on Wheels, Victims Services, Caledon Seniors and more. The list is too long to acknowledge. It is rare to find a Regional Councillor with so much passion for her community and the well being of her constituents.

I fully support Annette Groves to continue to serve as our Regional Councillor. She is honest, hard working, and leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of truth and justice.

Mary Balinov

Tishos Music Academy

The Carson Foundation is a small charity that proudly provides funding for individuals with special needs. Being a very small charity it has been difficult over the years keeping up with the funding requests from parents. Without any requests Annette approached us to let us know that herself and a committee were going to raise some money for our charity. With her hard work and dedication she was able to bring together community businesses and organizations and help raise over $120,000 for our charity. This money is going to go a long way for us to help the special needs individuals in the Bolton, Caledon Area. Annette dedication and caring of this very vulnerable population of our community shows that her heart is in the right place and she is willing to do what it takes to make meaningful impacts in her community. Bolton and Caledon will thrive having an individual such as Annette as a Councillor and a voice for her ward. I fully support her in the upcoming elections and look forward to working with her in the future.

Carlo Summaria

The Carson Foundation

Annette Groves is a big part of Special Olympics Caledon. She coordinated donations from local Companies for our Athletes and found Sponsors for the new Indoor Bocce Centre. Ms. Groves also helps out with Jason’s Quest Charity with book sales and fundraising initiatives.

Jason Scorch

Annette Groves has helped not only myself but many kids around the community with job employment and opportunities. She continues to support the youth and create opportunities to further their career or studies.

Annette represent inclusiveness and diversity. She goes out to every community project to support the cause to help the community be a better place.

Annette Groves has dedication and a kind soul. She remains to stay the same and is dedicated to help the youth, seniors, and adults in this community. Her kind soul and giving heart is the reason why an organization like “Che’s Place” started and counties to grow.

Vanessa Gutta

A Bolton Resident.

I support Annette Groves for re-election as Ward 5 Regional Councillor; Cathy and I “The Wilson Farm Family” have been trying for many years to give back to our community for all that our community has given us. When Annette was first made aware of our efforts by Region of Peel Planner (July 0f 2016), she stepped up to be our champion. She has had to deal with more than her share of challenges for her efforts to help us. She has never lost heart and is always true. Her strength of character and hope has taught us a lot about resilience, perseverance, and forgiveness.

While we have yet to be successful in this process of donating the land to the town, we will continue, with Annette’s help, to work for our community as we all know what happens if we don’t try … absolutely nothing.

Annette has been our best advocate for our Urgent Care Centre site we wish to gift, and at times our only advocate. I know it is a cliché when they say that “no good deed goes unpunished” and while we both have the marks and bruises to prove this, I know with Annette’s help we will continue to seek the best possible outcome that is beneficial to all residents of Bolton. I have always found Annette to be approachable, sincere, and genuinely committed to our community.

Please help re-elect Annette Groves as Ward 5 Regional Councillor

Bryon Wilson